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Philippine Independent Cinema

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  • Kidlat Tahimik

    Eric de Guia (born October 3, 1942 in Baguio City, Philippines), better known as Kidlat Tahimik (a Tagalog translation of "silent lightning"), is a film director, writer and actor whose films are commonly associated with the Third Cinema movement through their critiques of neocolonialism.
    One of the most prominent names in the Filipino film industry, he has garnered various accolades locally and internationally, including a Plaridel honorarium for Independent Cinema.
    Tahimik attended the University of the Philippines, where he was a member of the Student Council, then known as the University Student Union, from 1962 to 1963. While attending the university he became a member of the Upsilon Sigma Phifraternity. Kidlat Tahimik studied at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, earned a Master in Business Administration, and worked as a researcher for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) inParis from 1968 to 1972.
    Tahimik grew up in Baguio City, Philippines, a summer resort community established in the presence of several U.S. Military bases. This experience was a weighty influence on the themes of his films, most notably the semi-autobiographicalPerfumed Nightmare (1977) and Turumba (1981). The latter of these two films provides some insight into the circumstances that brought him to Europe and into the presence of filmmaker Werner Herzog, who along with director Francis Ford Coppola and his American Zoetrope studio, was instrumental in helping to release Perfumed Nightmare.
    Kidlat lives in a 4-story home in Benguet, Philippines with his wife Katrin De Guia and their children. In February 2004 a fire was reported to have spread in their home. The family was able to escape safely, but the director's film stock and collection of art and artifacts were destroyed.


    • 1977 Mababangong bangungot - Perfumed Nightmare [full movie]
    • 1981 Turumba
    • 1982 Sinong lumikha ng yoyo? Sinong lumikha ng moon buggy? - Moonbuggy
    • 1992 Orbit 50: Letters to My 3 Sons [short]
    • 1994 Why is Yellow Middle of Rainbow?
    • 1995 Celebrating the Year 2012, Today
    • 1996 Bahag Ko, Mahal Ko - Japanese Summers of a Filipino Fundoshi [short]
    • 2005 Some More Rice [short]
    • 2006 Our Film - Grimage to Guimaras [short]
    • 2006 BUBONG! (Roofs of the World! UNITE!) [short]
    • 2010 Memories of Overdevelopment 1980-2010 [short]


    Roque Federizon Lee, a.k.a. ROXLEE is a Filipino animator, filmmaker, cartoonist, painter, rock star, and many considered as the God Father of the Filipino young filmmakers. The man who created “Cesar Asar” together with his brother Mon Lee. Rox is also the older brother of Romeo Lee, a fellow painter and Ruben Lee, a cinematographer. Apart from this Lee brothers is their nephew Topel Lee, a film, TV and music director of GMA Networks. He started out as a cartoonist—first contributing cartoons to Jingle Magazine, and then doing the comic strip Cesar Asar for Manila Bulletin (one of the most popular broadsheet in the Philippines) in collaboration with his brother Monlee from 1980 to 2000. Roxlee is one of the founding members of Animagination now evolved into Animahenasyon and Sinekalye, a group of filmmakers taking the films and music into the street. He is a pioneer of independent film animation in the Philippines. Working outside the "factory" system, usually with only one or two collaborators, he’s a magician who can instantly conjure up an original piece working only with the barest of materials, usually with just pen and paper and ink. Spontaneity and irreverent situational ideas are paramount for him over fanciful techniques and linear storytelling. His edgy approach is surreal sense of humor . What is incalculable is his originality as an animator and filmmaker, which can be considered as an attempt to create a modern Filipino style and philosophy of filmmaking. His early works were done in super-8 film—divided between hand-drawn scratchy works like "The Great Smoke", and pixilated live action pieces like "Juan Gapang". Both are now considered classics of the independent film movement of the 1980s. In the 2000s, he reinvented himself as a digital filmmaker. His "12 commandments of filmmaking" has turned him into some kind of guru, an inspiration to filmmakers young and old. Although he never worked in the animation industry, Roxlee’s independent approach to filmmaking has influenced a whole generation of younger animators, many of whom first took up courses at the Mowelfund Film Institute in the 80s and 90s. Some of these animators are now stalwarts in the industry. Roxlee also has a modest but keen international following, mostly in Western Europe, Japan and Singapore. Maybe computers and 3D animation software may have made Roxlee’s animation antiquated and old school, but he has proven that anyone can be an animator, as long as he has pen, paper, ink, interesting ideas, and the will to get it done. Roxlee is also onto oil painting and currently finished book entitled “Cesar Asar in the Planet of the Noses,” a collection of his cartoons and short stories.


    • 1983 Tronong puti – White Smoke [short]
    • 1984 Tatlong 'A' – Three A's [short]
    • 1984 The Great Smoke [short]
    • 1985 Insects [short]
    • 1985 ABCD [short]
    • 1987 Lizard, or How to Perform in Front of a Reptile [short]
    • 1987 Ink [short]
    • 1987 Juan Gapang – Johnny Crawl [short]
    • 1987 Prayle – Friars [short]
    • 1988 Juan Tunog [short]
    • 1989 Juan Toga [short]
    • 1989 Pencil [short]
    • 1989 Spit/Optik [short]
    • 1989 Moron's [short]
    • 1989 Moron's Monolog [short]
    • 1990 Mix 1 & 2 [short]
    • 1993 Tito's Wedding [short]
    • 1993 Harajuko [short]
    • 1999 Cesar Asar
    • 2001 Nose [short]
    • 2001 Tronong Puti 2 [short]
    • 2003 Haus of Sing [short]
    • 2004 Two Birds Hit with one Big Stone [short]
    • 2005 Batumbuhay (Live Rock) [short]
    • 2005 Romeo Must Rock [short]
    • 2005 Ghost of Rocker Janis [short]
    • 2006 Juan Kaliwa - Left Turn [short]
    • 2006 35mm Man [short]
    • 2006 La Pula – Red Chief [short]
    • 2007 Musika Dong [short]
    • 2007 Bahay Kubo on Wheels [short]
    • 2008 Monkey and the Turtle [short]
    • 2008 Green Rocking Chair (Juan Baybayin Story)

    Nick Deocampo

    Nick Deocampo (born 1959 in Mina, Iloilo) is a multi-awarded Filipino filmmaker, writer, and educator. He is the current director of the Center for New Cinema.
    Deocampo completed his basic education at West Visayas State University and finished salutatorian at Iloilo High School in 1976. He graduated cum laude with a bachelor's degree in Theater Arts at the University of the Philippines (UP) in 1981. Under a a Fulbright Scholarship Grant, Deocampo earned his Master of Arts degree in Cinema Studies at the New York University in 1989. He was also a French government scholar for eight years and received his Certificate in Film at the Atelier du Formacion Au Cinema in 1989. He received another Fulbright grant as an international senior research fellow at the U.S. Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. in 2001.
    Through his API fellowship, Deocampo traveled extensively to several Asian countries where he found the inspiration of bringing various Philippine film programs to schools and small villages. The major film festivals that Deocampo organizes every year attract thousands to watch Filipino and foreign film classics, witness new works, and introduce independent productions. Aside from film showings, seminars, workshops, and faculty manuals are disseminated to teachers in order for audiences in remote communities to have access to and appreciate the art of cinema.
    Deocampo was a member of the UNESCO Philippine Memory of the World National Committee, which aims to facilitate preservation and promotion of the country's documentary heritage.
    In 2008, Deocampo resigned from his post as executive director of Movie Workers Welfare Foundation (Mowelfund) Film Institute in order to concentrate on his filmmaking career and conduct more workshops. His resignation was initially rejected by chairman Boots Anson-Roa, who said that Deocampo has been a very important asset of the organization.
    He has taught film courses in UP, Ateneo de Manila University, and De La Salle University.


    • 1981 Atomika [short]
    • 1982 Four Artists in France
    • 1983 Oliver
    • 1985 Children of the Regime
    • 1986 Beyond the Mainstream
    • 1987 Revolutions Happen Like Refrains in a Song
    • 1987 Homage
    • 1990 Let This Film Serve as a Manifesto for a New Cinema
    • 1990 A Legacy of Violence
    • 1991 Ynang-Bayan: To Be a Woman Is to Live at a Time of War
    • 1992 Tuklas-Sining: Philippine Cinéma, 1960 – Présent
    • 1993 Memories of Old Manila [short]
    • 1994 Isaak [short]
    • 1995 Sex Warriors and the Samurai [short]
    • 1997 Private Wars
    • 1998 Ang Uliran – Mother Ignacia
    • 2000 Pedrong Palad

    Lav Diaz

    Lav Diaz or Lavrente Indico Diaz is a Filipino independent filmmaker, born in Datu Paglas, Maguindanao, Mindanao, Philippines, on December 30, 1958.
    He has won several international awards such as the award for Best Picture at the Singapore International Film Festival, the Independent Film Festival of Brussels and Gawad Urian in 2002 and Netpac Jury Prize and Best Acting Ensemble (2001 Cinemanila International Film Festival) for his film Batang West Side (including Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Music, Best Sound at the Urian), in Gawad Urian in 2005 for the film Ebolusyon ng Isang Pamilyang Pilipino (Evolution of a Filipino Family), and Special Jury Prize at the Fribourg International Film Festival in 2006 for Heremias, Book One.
    His films often tackle the issues regarding the current social and political state of the Philippines. His film Kagadanan sa banwaan ning mga engkanto (Death in the Land of Encantos), the Closing Film of the orizzonti section of the Venice Film Festival 2007, was awarded with a Golden Lion Special Mention. Death in the Land of Encantos was also in competition at the Artistic Innovation Award (Visions) of the Toronto International Film Festival 2007. He received several awards at the Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. His film Melancholia won the Orizzonti Grand Prize at the 65th Venice International Film Festival in 2008. In January 2011 he joined the Board of Directors for Cine Foundation International.


    • 1986 Banlaw [short]
    • 1988 Step No, Step Yes [short]
    • 1998 Serafin Geronimo: Kriminal ng Barrio Concepcion - Criminal of Barrio Concepcion
    • 1999 Burger Boys
    • 1999 Hubad sa Ilalim ng Buwan - Naked Under the Moon
    • 2002 Batang West Side - West Side Kid [remade as a short film by khavn]
    • 2002 Hesus Rebolusyunaryo - Jesus, Revolutionary
    • 2004 Ebolusyon ng Isang Pamilyang Pilipino - Evolution of a Filipino Family
    • 2006 Heremias (Unang Aklat: Ang Alamat ng Prinsesang Bayawak) - Heremias (Book One: The Legend of the Lizard Princess)
    • 2006 Nang Matapos Ang Ulan [short; part of the omnibus film Imahe nasyon]
    • 2007 Kagadanan Sa Banwaan Ning Mga Engkanto - Death in the Land of Encantos
    • 2008 Melancholia
    • 2008 Upheaval [short]
    • 2009 Walang alaala ang mga paru-paro – Butterflies Have No Memories [part of Jeongju Digital Project 2009]
    • 2009 Purgatorio [short]
    • 2011 Babae ng Hangin - Woman of The Wind
    • 2011 Century of Birthing
    • 2011 Elehiya sa dumalaw mula sa himagsikan – Elegy to the Visitor from the Revolution
    • 2012 Florentina Hubaldo, CTE
    • (unfinished) Heremias Part 2

    Raya Martin

    Raya Martin (born in Manila on 1984) is a Filipino independent filmmaker who has created short films and a full length documentary that have been screened at international film festivals. His short film The Visit won the Ishmael Bernal Award for Young Cinema at the Cinemanila International Film Festival 2004.
    His documentary The Island at the End of the World, a closely observed account of native peoples and their everyday work and customs on the island of Batanes in the Philippines, won Best Documentary at the .mov Film Festival in Manila in 2005. It was later shown at the Yamagata Documentary Film Festival in Japan. Also in 2005, he completed his first feature-length film, Maicling pelicula nañg ysañg indio nacional (O Ang Mahabang Kalungkutan ng Katagalugan) (A Short Film About the Indio Nacional (Or The Prolonged Sorrow of Filipinos). The movie has two parts: a short story related by a man to his wife, shot in digital video, and a silent black-and-white segment tracing the evolution of the native Filipino (Indio) during the period of Spanish colonization in the Philippines. The movie won the Lino Micciche Award at Pesaro Film Festival, Italy in 2006.
    He graduated in 2005 from the University of the Philippines Film Institute with a degree in filmmaking. After graduating, he worked as a writer and researcher for television, newspapers, and print and online magazines. He then took residencies abroad with other filmmakers and started to produce his own films.


    • 2004 Bakasyon – The Visit [short]
    • 2005 No pongso do tedted no mondo: Ang isla sa dulo ng mundo - The Island at the End of the World
    • 2005 Maicling pelicula nañg ysañg Indio Nacional - A Short Film About the Indio Nacional
    • 2007 Track Projections [short]
    • 2007 Autohystoria
    • 2008 Possible Lovers
    • 2008 Now Showing
    • 2008 Next Attraction
    • 2009 Independencia
    • 2009 Manila [with Adolfo Alix Jr.]
    • 2009 Long Live Philippine Cinema! [short] [full movie]
    • 2009 Life Projections [short]
    • 2011 Boxing in the Philippine Islands [short]
    • 2011 Buenas noches, España
    • 2011 Ars colonia [short; trailer for IFFR 2011] [full movie]
    • 2012 The Great Cinema Party [part of Jeonju Digital Project 2012]

    Brillante Mendoza

    Brillante “Dante” Mendoza (b. San Fernando, Pampanga) is a Filipino movie director who has won international awards for his independent films shot in digital video. He is the first Filipino to win the Best Director plum at the Cannes International Film Festival for his full-length film Kinatay (The Execution of P).
    Mendoza studied advertising at the University of Santo Tomas. He never took a film course but he claims that his background in fine arts helped make him conscious of color in making his films.
    Under the name Dante Mendoza, he began working on films as a production designer. In this capacity, Mendoza was awarded for his work on his first two films. He was also highly regarded as a production designer for commercials and music videos.
    With the financial backing of a friend, he was able to make his first movie, Masahista (The Masseur), at the age of 45. This was followed byFoster Child , Tirador (Slingshot), and Serbis, which were all entered in the Cannes Film Festivals.
    In 2009, Mendoza was chosen to participate the Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum along with twenty-seven Asian directors. On March 23 to April 13, he competed with directors from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam in the Hong Kong International Film Festival. In the same year, Mendoza received the Best Director award at the 62nd Cannes film fest for his film Kinatay (The Execution of P). He won the award over distinguished filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino (Inglorious Basterds) and Ang Lee (Taking Woodstock). Like Serbis, the said film also received mixed reviews from various film critics who described him as the "love-him-or-hate-him" director.


    • 2005 Masahista
    • 2006 Kaleldo - Summer Heat
    • 2006 Manoro
    • 2007 Pantasya
    • 2007 Foster Child
    • 2007 Tirador – Slingshot
    • 2008 Serbis – Service
    • 2009 Kinatay – Butchered
    • 2009 Lola – Grandmother
    • 2010 Ayos ka [short] [full movie]
    • 2011 Tunkod [part of tv-series Maalaala mo kaya]
    • 2011 Purple [short; part of Quattro Hongkong 2]]
    • 2011 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero [short; part of the omnibus film with the same name]
    • 2012 Captive

    Khavn (de la Cruz)

    Khavn Dela Cruz (born 1973) is a Filipino poet, musician, and experimental filmmaker known for his no-budget films. He is considered as the father of Philippine digital filmmaking and has made more than twenty features and seventy short films that received acclaim internationally.
    Dela Cruz earned his bachelor's degree at Ateneo de Manila University.
    His films have been presented in numerous international film festivals such as International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands), Paris Cinema International Film Festival (France), Osian's Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema (India), Motovun Film Festival (Croatia), and Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia & Herzegovina). He was also among the jury in the Clermont-Ferrand (France), Jeonju (Korea), and Jihlava (Czech Republic) film festivals.
    Aside from being a filmmaker, Dela Cruz is also a prize-winning writer. His poetry and fiction have won him several Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. He was also a two-time fellow of the University of the Philippines (UP) National Writers Workshop and has received the Dean's Award for Literature from his alma mater. His books were published by University of Santo Tomas Publishing and UP Press, including the first postmodern book of stories in Filipino, Ultraviolins.
    He has also written musical compositions, released in several albums and as soundtracks for internationally-renowned films. His rock opera compositions have been staged in the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Tanghalang Ateneo. His music has won him awards in the Yamaha Electone Festival, as well as citations from the Metropop Song Festival, the Ateneo Songwriting Fest, and the John Lennon Songwriting Contest (New Jersey).
    In the late 90s, Dela Cruz owned and managed a cultural hub for Filipino artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers called Oracafe. He is the president of independent film company Filmless Films and the executive director of .MOV International Digital Film Festival. He is also the frontman of The Brockas, a band comprised of artists and writers.

    (tentative) Filmography

    • ???? Kristo
    • 1994 Burol - The Wake [short]
    • 1994 Saranggola - Kites [short]
    • 1995 Kamatayan Ng Presidente - Death Of The President [short]
    • 1995 May Isang Sundalo - There’s A Soldier [short]
    • 1995 Epekto Ng Beer Sa Isang Aktor Na Gumaganap Kay Hamlet - The Effect Of Beer On An Actor Portraying Hamlet [short]
    • 1996 5 Shorts [short] [full movie]
    • 1996 Alaala Ng Madaling-Araw - Memory Of Dawn [short] [full movie]
    • 1997 Sometime In August [short] [full movie]
    • 1997 Dog Day Afternoon [short] [full movie]
    • 1997 Baboy - Pigs [short] [full movie]
    • 1997 Kukunin Na Ng Meralco Ang Likod Namin - The Electric Company’s Gonna Get Our Backyard [short] [full movie]
    • 1997 Mr. Duck Egg Trilogy [short]
    • 1997 Birthday (Bertdey) [short]
    • 1997 Akong, Ang Duwendeng Hindi - Akong, The Dwarf That Is Not [short]
    • 1997 Barbeque [short]
    • 1997 Sorry Ledh [short]
    • 1997 Deaf Wish [short]
    • 1997 Kids [short]
    • 1997 What’s The Story? Morning Glory [short]
    • 1997 My Room [short]
    • 1997 1/4 Day In A Life [short]
    • 1997 Susunduin Ko Si Ledh Sa Simbahan - I’m Gonna Fetch Ledh From Church [short]
    • 1997 Young Writers Interview [short]
    • 1998 Amen, A Brown Comedy [short] [full movie]
    • 1998 Pagtingin Sa Salamin - Looking At The Mirror [short]
    • 2000 The Twelve
    • 2000 1.The Passenger: Moving Along [short] [full movie]
    • 2001 Greaseman
    • 2001 Greaseman [short] [full movie]
    • 2002 Pugot - Headless
    • 2002 Pugot [short] [full movie]
    • 2002 Barong Brothers [short] [full movie]
    • 2002 Tungkol Sa Wala - John Cage [short]
    • 2003 Sa Wakas - At Last [short] [full movie]
    • 2004 The Family That Eats Soil
    • 2004 Lata At Tsinelas - Can & Slippers [short] [full movie]
    • 2004 Mondomanila: Institusyon Ng Makata - Mondomanila: Institute Of Poets [short] [full movie]
    • 2004 Small Ali [short] [full movie]
    • 2004 Hindi Ako Si Batman - I’m Not Batman [short] [full movie]
    • 2004 The Bag Is Closed But The Heart Is Open [short] [full movie]
    • 2004 Dehado [short] [full movie]
    • 2004 The Rape And Murder Of Virginio And Virginia P. [short] [full movie]
    • 2004 Dinuguan - Blood Stew [short]
    • 2004 Bass [short]
    • 2005 Rugby Boyz [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Our Daily Bread [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Victim 21 [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 3rd Day Of Darkness [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Bulalakaw - Shooting Star [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Bahag Kings [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Carta Abierta A Todos Los Terroristas Del Mundo - An Open Letter To All The Terrorists Of The World [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Dos Superheroes Cagando, Un Musical De Mierda - Two Superheroes Taking A Crap, A Toilet Musical [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 A Todas Supermenas Que He Amado - To All The Supergirls I’ve Loved Before [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 No Te Enamores De Una Superheroe - Don’t Fall In Love With A Superhero [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 El Superman Que No Podia Volar - The Superman Who Couldn’t Fly [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Esperando A Un Superheroe - Waiting For A Superhero [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Superheroe En La Cama - Superhero In Bed [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Superman Enamorado - Superman In Love [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Doppelgänger [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Aquaboy [short] [full movie]
    • 2005 Superheroe Pasado - Last Superhero [short]
    • 2005 Pornoman [short]
    • 2005 Nakalimutan Ko Na - I’ve Forgotten [short]
    • 2006 Vampire Of Quezon City
    • 2006 Kamias: Memory Of Forgetting
    • 2006 Goodbye My Shooting Star
    • 2006 “IDOL”: Hero/Villain: The Bayani S. Makapili True Story
    • 2006 Ultimo - Bravo [short] [full movie]
    • 2006 Matandang Eastside - Oldeastside [short] [full movie]
    • 2006 By The Suez Canal [short] [full movie]
    • 2006 Toxic Mango (The Incredibly Heart-Rending And Fantastically Forbidden Legend Of The Toxic Mango That Bestows A Multitude Of Lessons To All Brave Citizens Of The New Planet Alibuhod) [short] [full movie]
    • 2006 Soft Night [short] [full movie]
    • 2006 Isla Puting Bato - White Rock Island [short]
    • 2006 El Amor Es Valiente - Love Is Brave [short]
    • 2007 Three Days Of Darkness
    • 2007 Three Days Of Darkness Zero
    • 2007 Squatterpunk
    • 2007 Buryong
    • 2007 Corazon
    • 2007 Literature [short] [full movie]
    • 2007 Zombie Mariachi [short] [full movie]
    • 2007 Kontra Madiaga [short] [full movie]
    • 2007 Pamilya Kariton - The Pushcart Family [short] [full movie]
    • 2007 Patay Na Babae Sa Loob Ng Bahay - Dead Woman In My House [short] [full movie]
    • 2007 Malay Siya, Mali Siya - He’s Aware, He’s Wrong [short]
    • 2007 Coffee Today Is Better Than Yesterday [short]
    • 2007 Namamasko Po - Christmas Alms () [short]
    • 2007 The Last Gag Of Buster Quizon (Nothing Funnier Than Unhappiness) [short]
    • 2008 Bahag Kings
    • 2008 Ultimo: Different Ways Of Killing A National Hero
    • 2008 The Muzzled Horse Of An Engineer In Search Of Mechanical Saddles
    • 2008 Philippine Bliss
    • 2008 Overdosed Nightmare
    • 2008 Manila In The Fangs Of Darkness
    • 2008 I Don't Know You
    • 2008 Blackworms [short] [full movie]
    • 2008 Tatlumpu’t Apat Na Kulob - Kulob34 [short]
    • 2008 Ang Dagat Na Nalulunod - The Drowning Sea [short]
    • 2008 The Launching [short]
    • 2009 The Longest Moment You're Not Here
    • 2009 The Middle Mystery Of Kristo Negro
    • 2009 Nikalexis [short] [full movie]
    • 2010 Cameroon Love Letter (for solo piano)
    • 2010 The Trial Of Mister Serapio
    • 2010 Philippine New Wave
    • 2010 Adarna At Ang Alaala Ng Kristal - Adarna & The Memory Of Crystal [short] [full movie]
    • 2010 Mondomanila Holy Drinking Water [short] [full movie]
    • 2010 Tony D & The Paranoid Squad [short]
    • 2010 Son Of God [with Michael Noer] [short]
    • 2011 Kommander Kulas: The One And Only Concert Of The Amazing Combo Of Commander Kulas And His Poor But Very Colorful Carabao In The Long And Unwinding Road Of Kamias
    • 2011 Son Of God [with Michael Noer]
    • 2011 Mondomanila: or, How I Fixed My Hair After A Rather Long Journey
    • 2011 Manilanimal
    • 2011 Breather
    • 2011 Postcolonial [short] [full movie]
    • 2011 Sandosenang Saksak ng Sundang na Sawi: Rengga Sa Ayuyang - A Dozen Stabs From A Wounded Knife: Ayuyang Renga [short] [full movie]
    • 2011 Makapili [short] [full movie]
    • 2011 Very Strange Day, With Bicycle [short] [full movie]
    • 2011 Si Kulas At Ang Huling Palaruan - Kulas & The Last Playground [short] [full movie]
    • 2011 Khavn On Kidlat [short]
    • 2012 Kalakala
    • 2012 Misericordia
    • 2012 Pusong Wazak! Isa Na Namang Kwento Ng Pag-ibig Sa Pagitan Ng Isang Kriminal At Isang Puta - Ruined Heart! Another Lovestory Between A Criminal And A Whore [short] [full movie]
    • 2012 How To Raise A Smart & Happy Child From Age Zero To Five [short]

    John Torres

    John Torres (born 1975) is a Filipino experimental filmmaker and musician. His films include a trilogy of shorts entitled Tawidgutom, Salat, and Kung Paano Kita Liligawan Nang 'Di Kumakapit Sa Iyo? collectively known as The Otros Trilogy.
    Torres graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication at Ateneo de Manila University in 1997. He learned the fundamentals of filmmaking under the influence of a Jesuit priest and through watching masterpieces by Kidlat Tahimik, Mike de Leon, and Ishmael Bernal.
    In an interview with German media scholar and University of the Philippines Film Institute professor Tilman Baumgärtel, Torres admitted that he did not watch a lot of good films, mostly due to being bombarded with American mainstream films. It was when he took a film course in college that he discovered substantial film dynamics, which “blew his mind.”
    For Torres, it took him several strains in his personal relationships and a dream almost forgotten before he finally made his debut film.
    Torres is also the owner of Los Otros, a studio-cum-mini theater in Katipunan, Quezon City where Torres does digital short films, documentaries, commercial advertisements, and other multimedia projects. He is also a singer and songwriter for the indie band TaggunDios. [1]
    [edit] Films
    The trilogy, called “love films” by film critic Alexis Tioseco, made its international premiere at the Singapore International Film Festival in May 2005. Also included in the festival were films by Lyle Sacris, Roxlee, and Lav Diaz.
    In January 2010, Torres's Ang Ninanais (Refrains Happen Like Revolutions in a Song) was presented in the 39th International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The film was among the three featured Filipino films supported by the festival's Hubert Bals Fund, which is aimed at aiding filmmakers from developing countries.


    • 2005 Tawid gutom [short]
    • 2005 Kung Paano Kita Liligawan nang 'Di Kumakapit sa Iyo? [short]
    • 2005 Salat [short]
    • 2006 Todo Todo Teros
    • 2007 Taon Noong Ako'y Anak sa Labas - Voice, Tilted Screens, and Extended Scenes of Loneliness
    • 2007 Gabi Noong Sinabi ng Ama Kong May Anak Siya sa Labas [short]
    • 2008 Very Specific Things at Night [short]
    • 2008 Hai, They Recycle Heartbreaks in Tokyo So Nothing's Wasted [short]
    • 2008 Andrea't [short]
    • 2009 Hudas Hudas [with Frosti Runolfsson]
    • 2010 Refrains Happen Like Revolutions in a Song
    • 2011 Mapang-akit [short]

    Sherad Anthony Sanchez

    Sherad Anthony Sanchez is an independent filmmaker based in Davao City. He is best known for his internationally-acclaimed piece Huling Balyan ng Buhi: O ang Sinalirap nga Asoy Nila (The Last Priestess of Buhi: The Woven Stories of the Other) which captures stories from the southern Philippines.
    In 8 May 2009, Sanchez received two major awards at the 10th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) held in South Korea. His film Imburnal was cited with Woosuk Award (Best Film honors) and Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) award.


    • 2005 Iyak ni Maria [short]
    • 2005 Apple [short]
    • 2006 Huling balyan ng buhi - The Woven Story of the Other
    • 2008 Imburnal – Sewer
    • 2010 Balangay [with Robin Färdig]

    Auraues Solito

    Auraeus Solito is an award-winning Philippine director. He was the first Filipino independent filmmaker to make it in Hollywood his first feature film, "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros)".
    Solito studied Theater Arts in college. He was also a scholar at the Mowelfund Film Institute for its yearly summer workshop on Basic Filmmaking.
    He does his own film editing. He sometimes works under the name Kanakan Balintagos.
    His first film (Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros won 15 international awards including the Golden Zenith for Best First Fiction Film at the Montreal World Film Festival and the Teddy Award in Berlin. A gay love story set in Manila, Solito's film was a part of the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, the Las Palmas Film Festival, and the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and won three awards at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival. His film also earned a Best Foreign Film nomination at the 2007 Film Independent's Spirit Awards.
    Tuli (Circumcision), his second feature film, won Best Picture and Best Director at the Digital Competition at the 2005 CineManila Film Festival and the NETPAC Jury Prize at the Berlinale, International Forum for New Cinema.
    He made Pisay ( Philippine Science), his third dramatic feature film, in 2007, which won awards at the 14th Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema in France.


    • 1995 Suring at ang kuk-ok - Suring and the Kuk-ok [short]
    • 2002 Basal banar – Sacred Ritual or Truth
    • 2005 Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros - The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveiros
    • 2005 Tuli
    • 2007 Pisay – Philippine Science
    • 2009 Boy
    • 2011 Indigenous pelikula
    • 2011 Busong – Palawan Fate
    • 2011 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero [short; part of the omnibus film with the same name]

    Ramon Mez de Guzman

    The director first began as a writer.De Guzman’s collection of short stories, Barriotic Punk, was penned during his master’s course at the University of the Philippines. The university press liked it so much they decided to publish the manuscript. It became an instant best-seller and is now on its second print-run.
    Alongside the success of his short stories, de Guzman wrote a selection of screenplays which bagged four Carlos Palanca awards, the country’s highest literary commendation; and in 2004, his novel Rancho Dyanggo won the Grand Prize from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.
    Despite being on his way to the top of the writing profession, de Guzman made the gutsy move to put down his pen and picked up a camera instead to explore unfamiliar celluloid territory. In 2001, he worked on the 15-minute, 35-mm Batang Trapo, his first foray into film.


    • 2002 Batang trapo – Chiffons
    • 2005 Diliman
    • 2005 Ang daan patungong kalimugtong - Ang daan patungong kalimugtong
    • 2006 Tsinela [short; part of Imahe nasyon]
    • 2007 Balikbayan box
    • 2009 Ang mundo sa panahon ng yelo – Ice Is the Earth
    • 2010 Ang mundo sa panahon ng bato – Stone Is the Earth
    • 2011 Ang mundo sa panahon ng bato - At the Corner of Heaven and Earth
    • 2012 Diablo

    Adolfo Alix, Jr.

    Adolfo Alix, Jr. or Adolf Alix (full name: Adolfo B. Alix, Jr.) is an internationally-acclaimed Filipino screenwriter and film director. He was a full time screenwriter before debuting as a director in 2006. With several films produced since 2007, he has been invited to various international film festivals. His debut film entitled Donsol was selected as Philippines' representative at the Oscars in 2007. Not only he is considered one of the most prolific Filipino directors of today, but one of the most outstanding as well.
    Born in 1978 in Makati City, Alix's journey as a filmmaker stated when he discovered the power of the movies as a young boy in Bacoor, Cavite. He watched old Tagalog movies during lazy afternoons, and got fascinated with the medium and began his curiosity about how films are made. By the time he watched Steven Spielberg's "E.T.," he knew that he wanted to be a filmmaker.
    Alix graduated magna cum laude from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree in Mass Communication. He was a scholar of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines.
    At age 18, he won First Prize in the Film Development Foundation’s (now Council) nationwide screenwriting competition in 1999. Even better, his prize-winning script, Kahapon, May Dalawang Bata, was made into a feature film by Carlitos Siguion Reyna.
    Adolf then went on to write screenplays for directors. He was the co-writer of the multi-awarded Mga Munting Tinig by Gil Portes and art director of the prizewinning Mano Po by Joel Lamangan. In addition, he co-wrote Gil Portes’ Beautiful Life, Homecoming and Mourning Girls and Joyce Bernal’sD’Anothers.
    In 2006, he established Bicycle Pictures, a company that features independent and critically-acclaimed flicks. His full length directorial debut, Donsol, won the Jury Prize in the Asian Marine Film Festival in Japan, the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival in the USA, and had been screened in various film festivals abroad. It was the official Philippine entry to the 80th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars) in February 2008 in Hollywood. In the same year, he directed the movie entitled, "Batanes: Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan" of Ignite Media Films and GMA Films starring Iza Calzado and F4 member Ken Zhu.
    In 2009, Alix's Adela made a clean sweep of all the honors for all the categories of the 19th Annual Circle Citations for Distinguished Achievement in Film for 2008.
    Aside from being a director, he is also handling film and screenwriting classes at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila and San Beda College-Alabang.


    • 2006 Donsol
    • 2007 Kadin – The Goat
    • 2007 Nars
    • 2007 Tamburista – Drumbeat
    • 2007 Batanes
    • 2008 Daybreak
    • 2008 Adela
    • 2008 Imoral
    • 2009 Aurora
    • 2009 Manila [with Raya Martin]
    • 2009 Karera – Ante
    • 2010 Romeo at Julia
    • 2010 D'Survivors
    • 2010 Muli
    • 2010 Chassis
    • 2010 Presa
    • 2011 Liberacion – Liberation
    • 2011 Isda – Fable of the Fish
    • 2011 Haruo – Springtime Man
    • 2012 „Hiyas“ [tv; several episodes]
    • 2012 Kalayaan - Wildlife

    Jeffrey Jeturian

    Jeffrey Jeturian, a communication arts product of the University of the Philippines, started as a production assistant for Marilou Diaz Abaya's Alyas Baby Tsina (1984). His film carreer includes script supervisor, production designer, television director and as film director. His first two films, Sana pag-ibig na (1998) (Enter Love) and _Pila-balde (2000)_ (Fetch a Pail of Water) are both critically acclaimed. Pila-balde bagged a round of overseas honors - Gold Prize, 2000 Houston-Worldfest (Texas, USA) International Film Festival; NETPAC Jury Prize, 1999 Cinemanila International Film Festival; exhibition in Lincoln Center in the United States as well as in other countries such as Sweden, Germany, France, Bangladesh, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Colombia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Italy.


    • 1998 Sana pag-ibig na
    • 1999 Pila-balde – Fetch a Pail of Water
    • 2001 „Biglang sibol, bayang impasibol“ [tv; several episode]
    • 2001 Tuhog – Larger Than Life
    • 2004 Bridal Shower
    • 2004 Minsan pa
    • 2005 Bikini Open
    • 2006 Kubrador – The Bet Collector
    • 2009 „The Wedding“ [tv; several episode]
    • 2010 „Rosalka“ [tv; several episode]
    • 2011 „Juanita Banana“ [tv; several episode]
    • 2011 „Malaala mo kayo“ [tv; several episode]
    • 2011 Bispera - Eve
    • 2012 „Reputasyon“ [tv; several episode]
    • 2012 „Mundo man ay magunaw“ [tv; several episode]
    • 2012 „Be Careful With My Heart“ [tv; several episode]

    Sari Lluch Dalena

    Sari Lluch Dalena is a Filipina independent filmmaker from Manila. She has screened her works internationally in Asia and the U.S. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Film at the New York University under a Fulbright-Hayes scholarship. She was honored as one of the Cultural Center of the Philippine's 13 Artists Awards in 2000 and received Grand Jury Prize for Best Experimental Film in 2001. She recently received the Grand Prize Starr Foundation Award from the World Studio Foundation and the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship for 2002-2003.


    • 1994 Asong simbahan [short]
    • 1995 Mumunting krus [short]
    • 2001 Memories of a Forgotten War [with Camilla Griggers]
    • 2005 Rigodon
    • 2011 Pangako – Promise
    • 2011 Ka Oryang

    Pepe Diokno

    Pepe Diokno (born Jose Lorenzo Diokno; August 13, 1987) is a Filipino motion picturedirector, producer and screenwriter.
    In 2009, he won the Venice Film Festival’s Lion of the Future Award for his debut film,Engkwentro. The film was also awarded Venice’s Orizzonti Prize, the NETPAC Award for Best Asian Film, and the Gawad Urian for Best Editing.
    In 2010, Diokno was given an Ani ng Dangal Award by the President of the Philippines, and was included in the book Take 100: The Future of Film, a list published by the UK'sPhaidon Press, of the world's "100 most exceptional emerging filmmakers".
    Diokno is the grandson and namesake of the late Philippine Senator Jose W. Diokno, and son of lawyer Jose Manuel Diokno.


    • 2006 No Passport Needed [short]
    • 2007 How Wenjiel Spent His Days in Jail [short]
    • 2009 Engkwentro

    Erik Matti

    Erik Charles Matti is a Filipino filmmaker. His most notable achievement in film is "Magic Temple", which won top honors for Best Screenplay (shared with Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes) during the 1996 Metro Manila Film Festival. He has also been nominated as Best Director in the Gawad Urian Awards and Film Academy of the Philippines Awards.


    • 1999 Scorpio Nights 2
    • 1999 Ekis: Walang tatakas
    • 2000 Pedro Penduko, Episode 2: The Return of the Comeback
    • 2001 Sa huling paghihintay
    • 2001 Dos ekis – Double Cross
    • 2002 Prosti
    • 2003 Mano po 2: My Home
    • 2004 Gagamboy
    • 2004 Pa-siyam
    • 2005 Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom
    • 2007 „Rounin“ [tv]
    • 2009 The Arrival
    • 2011 Nang tumambad ang hubad na katotohanan [short]

    Ramona S. Diaz

    Ramona Diaz is a filmmaker whose credits include the ITVS, NAATA and Sundance-funded IMELDA (Sundance, IDFA, LAFF, True/False, IDA Award), a full-length documentary about the former First Lady of the Philippines., Imelda Marcos. IMELDA had its US theatrical premiere at the Film Forum in New York City and was later released nationally in the United States and abroad. In Manila, it grossed more than Superman 2 its opening weekend. IMELDA screened in over thirty film festivals around the world and was broadcast on Independent Lens in May 2005.
    Diaz also directed and produced Spirits Rising (Student Academy Award, Ida Lupino DGA Award, IDA Certificate of Merit), a film about women's role in the 1986 People Power revolution in the Philippines. Spirits Rising has been screened internationally and it has been broadcast on public television stations in the United States and Australia.
    Diaz recently finished The Learning (ITVS, Sundance, Center for Asian American Media) and Don't Stop Believin: Everyman's Journey, a feature length documentary film about the iconic 80s band, Journey, and their new lead singer, Arnel Pineda, whom they discovered through You Tube.
    In 2005, Diaz broadened her repertoire to include television commercial directing and producing. Diaz is a graduate of Emerson College and holds an MA in Communication from Stanford University.


    • 1996 Spirits Rising
    • 2003 Imelda
    • 2011 The Learning
    • 2012 Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey

    Jet Leyco

    Jet LEYCO (Philippines, 1987) works as an independent filmmaker, cameraman and editor, as well as being director for ABS CBN News and Current Affairs in Manila. He gained experience in filmmaking as an intern for the Filipino directors Lav Diaz and Khavn De La Cruz. Leyco's feature debut EX PRESS is also his graduation film at the Asia Pacific Film Institute in Manila.


    • 2011 Patlang – Blank
    • 2011 Ex Press

    Shireen Seno

    Shireen M. Seno grew up in Japan, the Philippines, and the U.S. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.A. in Architectural studies and Cinema studies. She lives in Manila and recently finished her first feature-length film, BIG BOY. One of four young artists selected for’s SPROUT project, she had her first solo exhibit, ‘Mystery Terrain’, at Republikha Gallery in Quezon City from January-February 2012. Her work has been exhibited at mag:net gallery, Green Papaya Art Projects, the Ishmael Bernal Gallery at the University of the Philippines Film Center, and Manila Contemporary.


    • 2011 Patlang – Blank
    • 2006 Seeing Machines [short]
    • 2011 Big Boy


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