Monday, February 11, 2008

Godfrey Ho: Filmographie 1987

Ninja: American Warrior (1987) (as Tommy Cheung)
Angel's Blood Mission (1987) (as Benny Ho)
Cobra vs. Ninja (1987) (uncredited) ... aka Cobra Against Ninja (Hong Kong: English title)
Death Code: Ninja (1987) (as Tommy Cheung)
Empire of the Spiritual Ninja (1987) (as Bruce Lambert)
Hands of Death (1987) ... aka Royal Warriors (International: English title)
Hitman the Cobra (1987)
Ninja and the Warriors of Fire (1987) (as Bruce Lambert) ... aka Ninja 8: Warriors of Fire (USA)
Ninja Avengers (1987)
Ninja Commandments (1987) (uncredited)
Ninja Death Squad (1987) (as Tommy Cheung)
Ninja Extreme Weapons (1987) (as Felix Tong)
Ninja in Action (1987) (as Tommy Cheung)
Ninja Kill (1987) (uncredited)
Ninja Operation: Licensed to Terminate (1987) (uncredited) ... aka Ninja Operation: Licensed to Terminate (UK)
Ninja Phantom Heroes (1987) (as Bruce Lambert)
The Ninja Showdown (1987) (uncredited)
Ninja: Silent Assassin (1987) ... aka Knight & Warrior (UK: video title) ... aka Ninja Operation: Knight & Warrior
Zombie vs. Ninja (1987) (as Charles Lee) ... aka Zodiac America: The Super Master (Hong Kong: English title) ... aka Zombie Revival: Ninja Master ... aka Zombie Rivals (UK: DVD box title)

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