Sunday, January 29, 2023

Greater degree of autonomy

 Mapping of a Medium in Decline

Types of Cinephilia

3 Movie Nerd Cinephilia

Genre-nostalgic. Mostly interested in horror, action, exploitation, science fiction and popular classics / popular non-classics from teenage years. Only a few choice auteurs are canonized, though these are celebrated almost religiously. Primary attachement is to genre tropes, actors / actresses, "tone". Often more interested in form than they themselve would admit, though concept of form usually boils down to "well-made narrative cinema". Films outside of scope of inquiry are ignored rather than hated.

Probably still biggest type in numbers and only type that can exist self-sufficiently up to a point (maybe that point has passed by now). tide to a specific material stage of film culture: video stores, conventions, fanzines, blogs. Not interested in spreading out into other kinds of institutions. Will die out with Gen X and physical media.


Mostly enthusiasts, with very little spill-over into journalism and academia. Anti-woke sentiment present here and there, but general political alignment either non-existent or leftish.


Grew out of traditional fandom, star worship etc. Distinguished by greater degree of autonomy vis a vis industry forces and cross-over with non-film subcultures (Punk, Metal, Goth).


Writing tends to be non-conformist in terms of form / publishing and conformist in terms of aesthetic preference and intellectual curiosity, though there are many exceptions when it comes to the latter. Problems: "Discussions" tend to get stuck in unproductive (feedback) loops, gatekeeper with dull taste keep out interesting voices. Advantages: Lack of formal control means tolerance of weirdo fringe that reliably produces the best writing. Also highly supportive of individual obsessions which sometimes leads to amazing work in historiography.

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