Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Blessing and curse

Mapping of a Medium in Decline

Types of Cinephilia

11 Post-Cinephile Cinephilia

Auteurist obscurantist. Decentered version of Cinephage Cinephilia: In theory interested in everything, in practice mostly focussing on more recent popular cinema, especially disreputable forms. Not quite as adventurous when it comes to older and less approachable forms. Only type except Cinephage Cinephilia to consider pornography and non-Hollywood mainstream comedy, only type to celebrate those. Asymmetrical investment as a feature rather than a bug, film history no longer something in need of proper "representation", but rather a playground meant to be built and rebuilt at will. Invested in polemics of the "our cinema vs their cinema" type, but in principle everything can be salvaged.

Tends to build its own institutions, level of organisation usually low, though. At times approaching self-sufficiency, probably not as stable as Movie Nerd Cinephilia, though. Does make inroads into bigger institutions here and there.

Mostly enthusiasts, some spillover into journalism, less so into academia. Anti-woke sentiment present to limited degree, political alignment generally not a major factor though empirically mostly to the left.

Only true heir of MacMahonism. Also rooted in smaller, for example punkish strands of off cinephilia.

Writing tends to be free-form, sporadic and small scale, though huge singular efforts also are part of it. Most of it never leaves social media. Stylistic idiosyncracies as blessing and curse. Best when using freedom to draw from multiple, at times conflicting sources, worst when taken over by inner troll. Sometimes in dire need of copy editing. Only type to seriously challenge reality principle.

End of typology.

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