Thursday, February 09, 2023

No further institutionalization

Mapping of a Medium in Decline

Types of Cinephilia

10 Troll Cinephilia

Obscurantist-topical. Again, I do not know much about it, a weird bunch and often borderline incomprehensible lingo. Can encompass all types of film but mostly centered around Hollywood blockbusters, horror and a few choice name auteurs. Big subtype centered around anime. Polemical in nature, though polemics mostly not of "our cinema vs their cinema" type. Focused on idpol / culture wars topics instead. Shading off into generalized fandom of the youtube kind.

Strictly social media centered, no further institutionalization existing or to be expected.

Mostly enthusiasts and bots, maybe a few frustrated film studies majors, too. Only type with major right-wing (especially alt-right) participation. Biggest cluster probably still tankie left.

Roots in stoner humor tradition, student papers etc.

Not much writing in the stict sense of the word. Shitposting and memes and social media wars. Films / aesthetics weaponized as talking points, no further consideration especially of contextual factors. Some level of originality present though most of it getting lost in noise.


Anonymous said...

This list of — so far — 10 types of cinephilia is absolutely stunning: brilliantly observed and acerbically commented on. Thanks for sharing this!

A colleague from the University of Groningen

Lukas Foerster said...

Thanks! Glad to know there are still a few people out there who are invested in these things.