Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Natural outgrowth

Mapping of a Medium in Decline

Types of Cinephilia

8 Festival Jetset Cinephilia (minor type)

Auteurist-topical. Centered almost exclusively around new releases by name auteurs or emerging arthaus trends. Fixation on most recent releases, no interest in film history beyond a generalized affirmation of the canon, with a few reservation about inclusivity mixed in in recent years. General preference for realism and alignment of form and content, which also includes shocking content presented shockingly. Disinterested in yet moderately tolerant of formalism. Rejection of mainstream important for self-image, yet almost every mainstream formula can be integrated into own agenda almost without modifications.

Natural outgrowth of institutional cinephilia, especially festival scene. Would not exist without institutions, has to exist because institutions continue to exist. Some shading off into extra-institutional space of generalized arthouse audiences, yet those for the most part do not share the same lingo. preferences etc.

Mostly journalists, festival programmers and similar types. Some enthusiasts participate on the margins.

Roots mainly in mainstream cultural journalism. No fixed political alignment aside from leftist liberal proclivity of cultural scene.

Writing tends to rely heavily on platitudes and received wisdom. For the most part seen as an afterthought and possibility for brand building - see manic text production during festivals vs not much follow-up afterwards. Some good matter-of-fact-criticism still exists, especially in trades.

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